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Get on the road to recovery faster with the Ace Advantage – Private, One-on-One Sports Physiotherapy clinic in downtown Toronto at the corner of Yonge and College. Scroll down to read more about our Toronto Physiotherapy services.

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Toronto Physiotherapy Services:



Private one-on-one Physiotherapy treatment sessions that get you better faster!  We combine traditional physiotherapy with state-of-the-art technology designed to Reduce pain, Strengthen muscles and improve mobility. Click here to learn more about our Physiotherapy services.


Shockwave Therapy

Kickstart damaged tissue with the ultimate technological advance that harnesses acoustic pressure waves to accelerate healing. Click here to learn more about our Shockwave Therapy services.


Spinal Decompression

Feel the gentle distracting of the spine as pressure is reduced on nerves, discs and joints — relieving lower back and neck pain and allowing your body to heal. Click here to learn more about our Spinal Decompression services.


Cold Laser Therapy

Experience 50,000 mWs of healing power with 6 super-pulsed lasers!  Our cold laser delivers a revitalizing dose of light energy to injured tissue more powerful than a Class IV laser with the safety of a Class II ! Click here to learn more about our Laser Therapy services.



We use only the highest quality, single-use acupuncture needles to ensure a safe and comfortable experience and you discover the ancient healing powers of acupuncture. Click here to learn more about our Acupuncture services.


Custom Orthotics

Our 3D laser precision measurement means your custom orthotics will fit to perfection, correcting gait alignment and resulting in improved comfort and performance. Click here to learn more about our Custom Orthotics services.


Gua Sha Massage

Our Stainless Steel Massage to scrape away pain and release tight knots has its origins in Ancient Chinese Medicine. Click here to learn more about our Gua Sha Massage services.



Accelerate your healing process with Ultrasound Therapy, proven effective for the treatment of joint and muscle pain in clinical studies over the past 20 years. Click here to learn more about our Ultrasound services.


Physiotherapy Exercises

Therapeutic exercise programs custom-made to suit your health status and level of physical activity.  We’ll even email you handy instructions or provide you with how-to videos to download. Click here to learn more about our Physiotherapy Exercises services.