Try Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy in downtown Toronto

Massage Therapy Toronto Gua Sha

Try Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy in downtown Toronto

Don’t Try Another Massage Therapy Until You Try Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy in downtown TorontoMassage Therapy Toronto Gua Sha

What Is Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy?

Gua sha translates from the Chinese as “to scrape away fever”. Traditional Chinese medicine has long held that this procedure helps release unhealthy elements from the injured (bruised) areas created by the treatment, and stimulates blood flow which brings on a healing effect. via How Does Gua Sha Help Scrape Away Pain?

At Ace Physiotherapy downtown Toronto our Sports Physiotherapists have taken this traditional treatment and modernized it u switching a spoon or a goat horn, for stainless steel gua sha massage tools.

Who Is Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy Good For?

Dr. Arya Nielsen, who is considered to be the Western authority on gua sha, says gua sha is good for “any chronic disorder involving pain or inflammation.” via Have You Heard of Gua Sha?

Some of the regions that Gua Sha Massage is often effective for includes the; neck, upper back muscles, or chronic tendinopathies of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, and foot.

Many of our athlete patients use Gua Sha as Sports Massage Therapy for loosening up and preparing tight muscles for a big race or sporting event.

How Does Gua Sha Massage Physiotherapy Feel?

Most people say that Gua Sha feels like a gentle massage mixed with a little scrapping on the skin.  When performed by a properly trained Physiotherapist the treatment is not painful, or uncomfortable, and many people really enjoy the treatment, and find relief of their pain during the treatment.  Some patients will have mild post treatment tenderness, which usually resolves within 24-48 hours.

How Does Gua Sha Massage Work?

A trained Physiotherapist will provide use specialized stainless steel tools to gently perform a massage scraping technique to the skin.  In certain areas red or purple dots will appear on the surface of the skin.  These dots are not bruises but rather is blood being released from blood vessels in the inner layer of the skin.  Purplish dots indicate a higher level of blood stagnation, and red dots indicate heat in the body.  If dots come up easily the disease if often acute, if it takes longer the disease is more chronic.

How Long Do The Dots / Marks Last For?

In most people the dots last 3-4 days, however in certain people they may last up to 2 weeks+.

How Many Gua Sha Massage Treatments Will I Require?

Many patients report that they start to feel relief during or right after the treatment.  There are many factors that go into determining how many treatments each individual will require, with most acute injuries 4-6 treatments, and with chronic pain or longstanding pain 8-10 is often necessary.  The best indication of each persons response is to experience Gua Sha Massage for yourself and see how you respond to this unique treatment.

Try Gua Sha Massage for yourself today!  Book an appointment with one our excellent Physiotherapists today 416-900-6653

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