Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow in Toronto

Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy Toronto Tennis Elbow

Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow in Toronto

Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow in Toronto

Have you recently been experiencing elbow pain along the outer side of your arm? Has this pain limited you from doing daily activities? This pain can be commonly referred to as “Tennis Elbow”, however, this name is often a misnomer because people who experience this condition do not always play tennis.Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy Toronto Tennis Elbow

People experiencing tennis elbow may have slow increasing pain around the outer elbow. Patients often complain of increased pain while moving the wrist during common activities such as, opening jars, brushing teeth or using utensils while eating meals.

Ace Physio uses state of the art technology, referred to as Shockwave Therapy, to treat tennis elbow.

Shockwave Therapy Physiotherapy has been shown to be a successful treatment of tennis elbow.

Shockwave therapy is a non invasive, non surgical treatment that uses sound waves that propel into the injured tissue. The shockwaves produced, stimulate the tissue at a cellular level to stimulate a natural healing process. Shockwave therapy has been proven to be extremely successful in patients with tennis elbow.

Physiotherapists at Ace Physio are also able to provide useful strengthening and stretching exercises to the muscles of the forearm in order to treat tennis elbow.

For more information on the treatment of tennis elbow or  Shockwave Therapy call Ace Physio today at 416 900 6653.

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