Physiotherapy near College Park Yonge St and College St

Physiotherapist College Park Yonge Street Toronto

Physiotherapy near College Park Yonge St and College St

Physiotherapy near College Park Yonge St and College St

What is College Park?Physiotherapist College Park Yonge Street Toronto

College Park is an Art Deco landmark in Toronto, located at the corner of Yonge and College in downtown Toronto. The building was designed by a Montreal architectural firm that also designed Maple Leaf Gardens, which is just down the street from College Park.

History of College Park

Originally, College Park was a retail superstore constructed by the Eaton’s department store in 1928. The store opened 2 years later by Lady Eaton herself and the new store was the first retail giant Torontonians had ever seen. The Eaton’s spared no expense when building this historic landmark, they had marble imported from Europe and even 2 complete rooms from manor homes in England were taken apart and reassembled in the department store.  An auditorium that held over 1,000 people was built in College Park and was the centre of Toronto’s cultural life for a number of years. Eaton’s auditorium hosted Frank Sinatra, the National Ballet of Canada and Billie Holiday.

In 1977, the Eaton’s retail store at Yonge and College was closed because their new flagship store named the Toronto Eaton Centre was opened. The building was sold to new owners who then named the building College Park.

College Park Today

The lower floors of College Park were transformed into a shopping mall and a subway concourse, while the upper floors were made into offices. The orignal Art Deco of the building was preserved with the renovations completed by the new owners.  Today College Park houses such retail stores as Winners, the Urban Brick, Richtree, Service Ontario, a food court, restaurants and the entertainment venue the Carlu.

Ace Physiotherapy Near College Park

Ace Physio is located adjacent from College Park at 2 Carlton St, above the Shoppers Drug Mart located at the corner of Yonge Street and Carlton Street.   Ace`s state of the art Physiotherapy services include; Spinal Decompression, Shockwave therapy, Laser Therapy and Custom Orthotics.

We are honoured to be apart the history located at the corner of Yonge and College.

Book  an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists call our friendly staff  today at 416 900 6653.

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