Physiotherapy Near Cabbagetown downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy near Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy Near Cabbagetown downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy Near Cabbagetown downtown TorontoPhysiotherapy near Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto

What is Cabbagetown Toronto?

Cabbagetown is the name of a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. The name comes from Irish immigrants who moved to this area in the 1840s and were so poor that many of them grew cabbage in their front yards. Over the years, the neighbourhood is still called Cabbagetown. This area is thought to be the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing across North America.

Where is Cabbagetown?

In 2004, Cabbagetown became a Heritage Conservation District bordered by St James Cemetery to the north, Parliament Street to the west, Carlton Street to the south and Wellesley Park to the east. Also in 2004, the Cabbagetown/Regent Park Community Museum was created to collect, preserve and showcase the history of this neighbourhood through various mediums including artifacts, photos and oral histories.

What goes on in Cabbagetown?

Cabbagetown has been home to numerous celebrities including Avril Lavigne, Larry Gains, Amy Millan and Brent Butt. This area is a popular home for artists, musicians and journalists. Cabbagetown hosts the Annual Cabbagetown Festival that features a parade, arts & crafts fair and allows the public to see selected local Victorian homes in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood also hosts an annual film festival during the Cabbagetown Festival that screens short films from around the world.

Where is Physiotherapy near Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto?

We are honoured to be apart of the rich history this neighbourhood has to offer and welcome residents to our clinic. If you are looking for a  Physiotherapy clinic located near Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto  Ace Physio is proud to offer state of the art Physiotherapy including spinal decompression, shockwave therapy, laser therapy and digital custom orthotics.

Physiotherapy appointments can be booked can be booked online or to speak with one of our friendly staff by calling 416-900-6653 today!

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