Physiotherapy for Lower Back or Neck Pain Relief

Physiotherapy Lower Back Neck Pain Treatment in downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy for Lower Back or Neck Pain Relief

Physiotherapy Lower Back Neck Pain Treatment in downtown TorontoPhysiotherapy for Lower Back or Neck Pain Relief

Eighty percent (80 %) of individuals will experience neck and/or lower back pain at some phase of their life.   Back and neck pain is one of the most common factors for individuals missing work, as well as seeing a physician or Physiotherapist.  However neck and back pain is something that can often be prevented, and managed with the right treatment techniques, combined with therapeutic exercises and stretches.

Common Physiotherapy treatment techniques for lower back or neck pain includes:

  1. Passive Physical Therapy techniques; which encompasses techniques performed to the the patient and includes;
    1. Spinal Decompression – An advanced form of traction, where the patient lies on their back, and is secured to a special table.  The table provides a gentle pulling or distraction force to help unload the joints and discs in the lower back or neck, and provide relief for those suffering from Herniated Disc(s)/Disc Bulges, Degenerative Disc(s), Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica.
    2. Acupuncture – Acupuncture has been proven in recent studies to be en effective option for chronic back pain.  Many patients experience not only had their pain intensity reduced, but also reported improvements in their quality of life.
    3. Laser Therapy – Safe laser light technology helps to facilitate healing of injured tissue, while reducing pain and inflammation.
    4. Heat or Ice Packs
    5. Electrical Stimulation
    6. Manual Therapy
  2. Active Physical Therapy techniques, which focuses on movements generated by the patients and includes;

    1. Therapeutic exercises, stabilization, stretches, and strengthening exercises.  The lower back and neck are largely supported and dependent on the surrounding musculature, and there is substantial evidence supporting the benefit of exercises for lower back pain.

At Ace Physio we combine state of the art technology with traditional Physiotherapy to help you recover from your injuries.  We closely monitor our patients to ensure they are understand their condition, including “what to do”, and sometimes most importantly “what not to do”.

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