Physiotherapy and Custom Orthotics for Shin Splints Treatment in Downtown Toronto

physiotherapy chiropodist custom orthotics shin splints treatment toronto

Physiotherapy and Custom Orthotics for Shin Splints Treatment in Downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy and Custom Orthotics for Shin Splints Treatment in Downtown Toronto

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints refer to pain along the front lower leg, more specifically the front tibia bone. Shin splint are also known as tibial stress syndrome (TSS) due to repetitive stress causing inflammation of the muscles connected to the tibia.  Pain is often brought on by strenuous activity or overuse of the lower legs. This injury can be most commonly seen in dancers and runners, especially those who are running on hard surfaces. Females are 2-3 times more likely to develop shin splints and also have an increased number of complications involving stress fractures due to possible osteoporosis. Individuals with flat feet or overpronators (feet roll inwards) are also at an increased risk of developing shin splints.

Shin Splints Signs and Symptoms:physiotherapy chiropodist custom orthotics shin splints treatment toronto

  • Tenderness or pain along the inner lower leg
  • Mild to moderate swelling in the lower leg
  • Possible numbness and/or weakness in the feet due to swollen muscles irritating the nerves in the lower limb
  • Pain can develop during exercise, or can be constant

How Shin Splints Develop?

Shin splints are usually referred to as “overuse injuries”, meaning the inflammation is due to repetitive force on the lower leg.  Shin splints develop because of sudden changes in physical activity. Change in physical activity can refer to altering your frequency, duration, intensity and/or surface that you are running on. Any change in your workout causes an increase in the amount of stress that is being placed on the lower leg, which then irritates muscles, bones, and joints. At this point, continuing physical activity will only worsen your shin splints and possibly lead to a stress fracture or other complications.

Treatment Options for Shin Splints in Toronto:

Initially, the first treatment is to rest your lower legs and allow the healing process to begin. You want to avoid activities that will cause pain and increase the amount of inflammation in the lower leg. Another early treatment option to help with pain and inflammation is icing the lower shin for about 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

Following ice and rest, it is important to get the right arch support before returning back to physical activity.  Custom Orthotics will help give your foot the support it needs, which will result in less force on the injured lower leg.

Physiotherapy is extremely useful in strengthening muscles of the shin, which are also used to treat shin splints. At Ace Physio, a treatment called Shockwave Therapy is very helpful in the treatment of shin splints.  Shockwave Therapy uses sound waves that are applied directly to the muscles of the shin, which encourages  the healing process. This treatment has been shown to have a significantly reduced recovery time in patients suffering from shin splints.

Other treatments often employed by our Physiotherapists includes; Acupuncture which involves placing tiny needles along the shin muscles, or Laser Therapy which uses invisible light to help stimulate a healing response.

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