Physiotherapists near Church and Wellesley Village

Physiotherapists near Church Wellesley Village LGBTQ Friendly

Physiotherapists near Church and Wellesley Village

Physiotherapists near Church and Wellesley Village

What is Church and Wellesley Village?Physiotherapists near Church Wellesley Village LGBTQ Friendly

Church and Wellesley Village is home to the vibrant LGBT community in Toronto. The Church and Wellesley Village extends from Charles to Gerrard Street and Yonge to Jarvis. This bright and colourful neighbourhood houses parks, bars, restaurants, stores and a community center for the LGBT community.

Events That Happen At the Village:

The village hosts the annual Pride Week each year on the last weekend in June. This event is the largest Pride Parade in all of Canada with more than 90 floats and hundreds of thousands of people. Church and Wellesley Village always has something exciting going on, whether is be the Pride Parade or visiting the 519 Church Street Community Centre. This area also houses the AIDS Memorial which is located in stunning Barbara Hall Park that many can visit to look at the bronze plaques of those who have lost their battle with AIDS.

The History of Church and Wellesley Village:

The history of Church and Wellesley Village goes way back to the early 1800’s. A man named Alexander Wood, a merchant and magistrate in Upper Canada, was in the centre of a sexual related scandal in his native land Scotland. Wood came to Canada and bought what is now known as Church and Wellesley Village. A statue of Alexander Wood was built in the village honouring this man as a forefather of Toronto’s modern gay and lesbian community.

Ace Physiotherapy in Church and Wellesley Village:

Ace Physio is Toronto’s premiere physiotherapy clinic located within Church and Wellesley Village. Ace Physio offers a wide range of therapies including spinal decompression, shockwave therapy and custom orthotics. We are honoured to be apart of this lively neighbourhood and welcome residents to our clinic.

Appointments at Ace Physiotherapy near Church and Wellesley Village can be booked online or by telephone calling our friendly staff at 416-900-6653.

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