Laser Therapy Downtown Toronto

Laser Therapy Downtown Toronto

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Downtown Toronto

At Ace Physio we use the TerraQuant Super-pulsed Laser combines three types of healing light creating more power than most Class IV lasers but with the safety of a Class II laser.  Administered by our Registered Physiotherapists, our laser therapy sessions are a safe, non-invasive therapy that will aid you in your recovery.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

When a cell is damaged it does not receive enough oxygen which slows the natural cellular regeneration and healing process.  Clinical studies have shown that Cold Laser Therapy uses the power of light to stimulate healing and increase the production of ATP at the cellular level and invigorate microcirculation.  ATP is vital to the cellular regeneration process and increased blood flow to damaged tissue brings much-needed oxygen to enhance the healing process.

Our Cold Laser treatment combines and coordinates 3 healing light sources to achieve the ultimate curative effect:

1.       The Super-pulsed Infrared Laser penetrates up to 13 cm with no thermal effects.  It targets damaged tissue at the cellular level, activating synthesis of RNA and DNA; increasing cell membrane metabolism, improving microcirculation; reinforcing collagen synthesis and reducing fibrous tissue formation; reducing bruising and inflammation; and stimulating T-cell production;

2.       The Pulsed Broadband Non-Coherent Infrared Light penetrates less deeply but delivers a broader spectrum of light which gently heats the skin’s surface tissue and acts on the skin’s pain receptors to increase the pain sensation threshold.  It further improves micro-circulation and stimulates epithelial cell growth and regeneration;

3.       Pulsing Non-Coherent Red Light has a superficial penetration and provides localized pain relief, improved microcirculation and inflammation reduction.

How Many Cold Laser Therapy Treatments Will I Require?

Cold Laser Therapy may require a weekly or bi-weekly series of treatments for a period of several weeks.  While there is often short term pain relief after only a few treatments, the therapy may require as many as 8 to 30 treatments to achieve the optimal healing impact.  The length and number of treatments is directly related to the severity and duration of the condition being treated.

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Brad Saltz

Brad Saltz

Registered Physiotherapist at Physiotherapy Toronto

Brad is a Registered Physiotherapist at Ace Physio, a highly respected Physiotherapy clinic in downtown Toronto. Ace Physio provides high quality one on one Physiotherapy that combined state-of-art technology such as; Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, and Spinal Decompression with traditional Physiotherapy.

Brad Saltz

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