Direct Billing Physiotherapy Services

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Direct Billing Physiotherapy Services

Ace Physio is excited to announce that we now offer direct billing for all our Physiotherapy services. By offering direct billing to your extended healthcare insurance provider, we aim to help you save time and avoid hassle thereby enhancing your Ace Physio experience.

How does direct billing work at Ace Physio downtown Toronto?toronto physiotherapy downtown direct billing insurance

With your permission, Ace Physio via the Telus Health Portal submits your healthcare claim directly to your insurance provider while you receive your Physiotherapy treatment. Your claim is adjudicated online and a claim response issued. No longer do you have to deal with submitting paperwork; paying out-of-pocket; or waiting for reimbursement.

Depending on your Extended Healthcare coverage, there may be a co-payment portion. For example, if your plan covers 80% of the cost of a Physiotherapy treatment, you will pay the outstanding balance of 20% at the end of your treatment. We accept all major credit cards, debit or cash.

If your Extended Healthcare Plan does not allow benefit assignment, Ace Physio will still submit the claim for you and you will be reimbursed under the terms and conditions of your Extended Healthcare Plan.

At Ace Physio we make the direct billing process simple for you!

If you would like to take advantage of our direct billing services, you will be asked to come in 15 minutes early and we will help you complete the necessary forms to allow us to submit on your behalf. Or you can download and complete ahead of time the two direct billing forms (see below).


You may need the Adobe Reader to view these.

Direct Billing Forms

1) Electronic Transmission Authorization
2) Consent Form and the Benefit Assignment Form

Then, while you receive your physiotherapy treatment, your claim will be processed by us and the terms of payment will be confirmed so that you can then book your next appointment accordingly.

Here’s the information you need to supply:

• The name of your Extended Healthcare Insurance provider
• Your benefit card or your ID and policy numbers usually found on the benefit card
• Your relationship to the Policyholder (insured member, spouse, child, full-time student)
• If you are not the insured member, please provide the name and birth date of the policyholder
• If you have Secondary Coverage from a spouse or parent have the secondary policy number and your ID number as well as the insured member’s name and birth date
• A doctor’s prescription if your insurance provider requires a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy claims

List of Participating Extended Health Care Insurance Providers

Direct billing is available to most clients who are insured by the following insurance providers:

Chambers Of Commerce Toronto Physiotherapy

cowan physiotherapy torontodesjardins physiotherapist torontoGreat West Physical Therapy Toronto

Industrial Alliance Physiotherapy Toronto downtown

Johnson Toronto Physiotherapy downtownJohnston Group Physical-Therapy downtown Toronto

manulife Physiotherapist Toronto downtownMaximum Benefit Physio downtown TorontoStandard Life Custom Orthotics Chiropidist downtown TorontoSunLife Toronto Physiotherapy Clinics

Please Note:

Every Extended Healthcare Benefit Plan is unique. Certain policies including group policies may not allow for direct billing and require the patient to submit each statement themselves. We encourage all our patients to call and check with their Extended Healthcare Provides to ensure that they are eligible for direct billing. It should also be noted that all Manulife Plan Members must go online to the Manulife website and activate their Plan Member Secure Site to be to be eligible for direct billing.

For additional information please visit Ace Physio or call our friendly staff at 416-900-6653

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