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Custom Orthotics Downtown Toronto

Custom Orthotics by Registered ChiropodistCustom Orthotics Downtown Toronto

Using the latest 3D Laser technology, a 3D Scan of your foot  is taken ensuring that your Custom Orthotic Insoles are fitted with precision to your foot.  At Ace Physio in downtown Toronto there are no messy moulds or inaccurate foam casts.

We offer the highest quality and most comfortable custom orthotics on the market!

How Do I Go About Getting Custom Orthotic Insoles?

Insurance Providers in Canada who provide coverage for Custom Orthotic Insoles require that you have a foot specialist’s prescription.  So your first step is to make an appointment with our Chiropodist at our downtown Toronto location.

What Do Custom Orthotic Insoles Do?

Did you know that gait and posture have a lot to do with staying strong, staying healthy and preventing wear and tear injuries that build up over long periods after repetitive activity?  If you need to realign your gait and posture, wearing the right orthotic insoles in your shoes is an important step.

As a preventative aid, Custom Orthotic Insoles are perhaps the easiest and most effective way of correcting your foot mechanics so that you are not aggravating tissue and joints.  If your ankles over-pronate (the foot rolls inwards), your foot requires additional support to limit your foot motion.  If you are supinated (the foot rolls outward), your foot requires additional shock absorption.  In both cases, Custom Orthotic Insoles is an easy and effective solution.

What Conditions Are Helped By Custom Orthotic Insoles?

Some conditions that have been known to benefit from Custom Orthotics include: Achilles tendonitis; ankle problems from arthritis and chronic issues related to arthritis; big toe pain or bunions; bone spurs and heel spurs; diabetic foot problems; knee and hip pain; lower back pain; pain in the ball of your foot; plantar fasciitis; heel spurs, running problems; shin splints; sports injury.

What Are My Orthotics Made Of and How Long Before They Are Ready?

Based on the precise 3D laser measurement, your Custom Orthotic Insoles are manufactured using a durable carbon fiber material.  You will be able to pick them up about two weeks later.

How Do I Know If Custom Orthotic Insoles Might Help Me?

Muscle, ligament and joint pain or fatigue in the lower limbs or lower back are common indicators that your foot mechanics require extra support.  Typically, you may feel pain or strain before, during or after an activity. Another good indicator that your foot mechanics are out of alignment is If your shoes breakdown after an unusually short period of use.  You can easily identify this by looking at the wear pattern of the outer treads versus the inner treads of your shoes.

To be fitted for custom orthotics, you will meet with Ace Physio’s on-site Chiropodist for your initial 45-minute assessment. During the initial assessment, our on-site Chiropodist reviews your medical history and conducts a thorough bio-mechanical assessment of your condition and assesses your functionality and gait.

How Often Should I Wear My Custom Orthotics?

Since your Custom Orthotic Insoles are intended to correct a gait problem, we advise that you begin wearing your insoles for an hour or two at a time and then slowly build to full-time usage over the first two weeks.  This will allow your muscles and the impacted tissue and ligaments to adapt slowly to the change in your gait.

How Much Are Custom Orthotics?

Prices are based on the customization & the material used, but the average price is $465.  A Chiropodist Assessment is required, the cost for this is $85.  Most extended health care (EHC) plans will cover a significant portion or all of the fees involved, we recommend contacting your EHC company regarding your specific plan.

Book an appointment with our Chiropodist for Custom Orthotics at Ace Physiotherapy in Downtown Toronto today! Call us at 647-494-3950

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