Chiropodist Hammer Toe Treatments in downtown Toronto

Chiropodist Podiatrist Custom Orthotics downtown Toronto

Chiropodist Hammer Toe Treatments in downtown Toronto

Chiropodist Hammer Toe Treatments in downtown Toronto

What Are Hammer Toes?Chiropodist Podiatrist Custom Orthotics downtown Toronto

Hammer toe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toe that resembles a hammer. The toes that are affected look like they are constantly bent. There are two categories of hammer toes known as flexible hammer toes and rigid hammer toes. The initial form of hammer toes are called flexible hammer toes, which means that the toe can still be moved at the joint. Flexible hammer toes are less severe and can be corrected with more conservative types of treatment, such as Custom Orthotics. When the condition is farther along, the condition is referred to as rigid hammer toes, which means the toes become rigid and cannot be moved. Unfortunately, when the condition progresses, treatment options are normally limited to surgery.

Causes of Hammer Toes:

Hammer toes are usually the result of wearing poorly fitting shoes, including excessive use of high heels or shoes that are too narrow for your foot. Ill-fitting shoes force the toes into a bent position which can cause muscle imbalances leading to the deformity. When people wear shoes that do not fit them properly, they subject their feet and toes to unnecessary pressure which causes injury. Certain foot types, including flat footed people, may be at a higher risk of developing hammer toes.

Signs and Symptoms of Hammer Toes:

• Corns or calluses forming on top of the toe joint
• Redness and/or swelling of the toe joint
• Pain at the toe joint and difficulty moving

Treatment of Hammer Toes:

Initial treatment of hammer toes include getting new shoes that fit properly and have roomy toe boxes. It is important to note that shoes should be 1.5 cm longer than the longest toe so that your toes have enough room. Physical therapists can help by prescribing stretches and exercises to account for the muscle imbalance of the toes. Chiropodists can make custom orthotics to ensure proper alignment of the foot. Other conservative treatments include using straps, cushions or pads to help with the symptoms associated with the condition. When hammer toes progress, or conservative treatments fail, surgery is then done.

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