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Shoulder Pain at Night Physiotherapy downtown Toronto

Shoulder Pain at Night

Shoulder Pain at Night What is Shoulder Pain at Night? It’s the pain experienced in one or both shoulders at night. It can happen while sleeping or gets worse in that moment. This kind of pain is typical in tendonitis and muscle injuries, but can also be a result of neck pain that radiates into the shoulder.  When you have …

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Knee Pain Running Physiotherapist downtown Toronto

Knee Pain While Running

Knee Pain While Running Knee pain while running is often experienced in one or both knees, and knee related injuries are the most common area injured related to running. To really understand how running affects the knees, we have to know a bit about the structure of the joint. Anatomy of the Knee The knee is the largest joint in …

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Physiotherapist downtown Toronto Foot Arch Pain Treatment

Foot Arch Pain

Foot Arch Pain Pain in the arch of the foot is a common issue that affects many people. Foot arch pain frequently affects athletes, especially runners or joggers. The pain may begin suddenly, but oftentimes begins gradually and worsens over time. There are several conditions that can cause foot arch pain, and these are often exacerbated by improperly fitted footwear, …

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Twisted Knee Pain (Part.2)

Twisted Knee Pain Part 2 As the knee is a complex joint, the types of injuries that can occur are greatly varied. Consequently, treatment of a knee injury is very individualized to the patient and the injury itself. With the knowledge of a physiotherapist, a treatment and prevention plan will be devised that not only treats the knee pain, specific …

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Best Physiotherapist for You in Toronto

Finding the Best Physiotherapist for You in Toronto How can you find the best physiotherapist for you? Well, that’s a tricky question, because everyone’s needs vary. The best physiotherapist for me may not be the best physiotherapist for you, and for several reasons. There are lots of fantastic physiotherapists out there – in fact, most are fantastic, and really know …

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Inflammation Physiotherapists near downtown Toronto

Stages of Inflammation

Stages of Inflammation Everyone in their life at some point has experienced inflammation. As a child you may remember this as falling over and grabbing your leg, feeling it become very red and swollen. This reaction is called the inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is a natural body process which occurs when there is damage caused to the body. Inflammation …

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Twisted Knee Pain (Part.1)

Twisted Knee Pain Part 1 A twisted knee can cause pain of varying severity. This level of pain is commonly associated with the cause of the twisted knee. Many occur due to sporting injuries from contact sports and sports that require a sudden change of direction. However, the chances of a knee injury occurring can be increased with factors such …

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Ball of Foot Pain

Ball of Foot Pain Ball of foot pain otherwise known as ‘metatarsalgia‘ means pain of the metatarsals, the bones that connect the foot to the toes.  Everyday life can really come to a halt when you are experiencing foot pain, specifically pain in the ball of the foot, due to the importance of this area of the foot when walking. …

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Causes of Hip Pain

Causes of Hip Pain The hip is an important component of the human body. It is a ball-and-socket joint which joins the legs to the lower part of torso, it also acts as a shock absorber of the force applied by the weight of the body, particularly when locomoting.  As this type of joint allows a high level of mobility, …

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Physiotherapy Toronto arthritis

Arthritis: Causes, types, and treatments

Arthritis: Causes, types, and treatments Arthritis is a condition which affects the cartilage, bones and joints in the body, resulting in a reduced level of mobility at the affected area and a great amount of pain for the individual, due to stiffness and inflammation. Arthritis can affect anyone of any age, however is most prevalent in elderly patients, due to …

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