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Sports Physiotherapy Medicine Injury Clinic downtown Toronto

Sports Physiotherapists Women’s Sports Injuries downtown Toronto

Women Sports Injuries The amount of women participating in sport and exercise has been rapidly increasing over the last decade. Although more females involved in sports is positive, there is also concern for increased risk of sports injuries, and the need for Sports Physiotherapists for Women.  There are various factors, including anatomy and physiology, which put women at a greater …

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Chiropodist Podiatrist Custom Orthotics downtown Toronto

Chiropodist Hammer Toe Treatments in downtown Toronto

Chiropodist Hammer Toe Treatments in downtown Toronto What Are Hammer Toes? Hammer toe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toe that resembles a hammer. The toes that are affected look like they are constantly bent. There are two categories of hammer toes known as flexible hammer toes and rigid hammer toes. The initial form of hammer toes …

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Physiotherapy mortons neuroma

Physiotherapy for Mortons Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma? Traditionally a neuroma refers to a tumor, however Mortons Neuroma is not considered to be a tumor. Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that affects the balls of the foot, commonly seen between the third and fourth toes. When a person suffers from Morton’s Neuroma, the nerve of their foot becomes inflamed which often makes mobility hard. …

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Physiotherapy near Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy Near Cabbagetown downtown Toronto

Physiotherapy Near Cabbagetown downtown Toronto What is Cabbagetown Toronto? Cabbagetown is the name of a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. The name comes from Irish immigrants who moved to this area in the 1840s and were so poor that many of them grew cabbage in their front yards. Over the years, the neighbourhood is still called Cabbagetown. This area is thought …

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